06 January 2011

6:365:2011 Fresh Baked Bread

6 days into the New Year and I'm already on successful batch #2.

Batch #1 (made on 2:365:2011) was my first successful yeast dough.  Ever.

 This photo is of the 1/2-whole-grain version of an incredibly easy "roll" dough recipe that I found deep within the stacks of long-forgotten, old family recipes.  It's a little like a "poor-man's brioche," if you will.

And if I can pull myself away from baking/eating this supremely delicious, no-knead, bread/dinner roll/cinnamon roll/whathaveyou dough long enough, I'll try to post the recipe here, with some photo-evidence that I actually was the one who baked this.  A successful YEAST bread!  By hand!  From scratch!!!  Made by me!!!!

:::marks it off of her bucket list::::

Stay tuned for the recipe...

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